Waste Yearbook 2016

The Afval! Jaarboek 2016 shows the developments in the waste industry and looks ahead to what is to come.

At this sixteenth edition of the Yearbook the content is radically adjusted. The editors have all topics completely re-enumerated, adjusted the structure and content . The result is a more compact Yearbook, in which the information is quickly accessible and clearly presented. In addition, responding to the request of many, the information is also available online. Therefor we have rearranged the information of the Yearbook in two separate product: a print product (the Yearbook) and an online product (the Vademecum).

The Afval! Jaarboek 2016 in its new form gives the current state of the waste policy and the market. The history, developments and detailed information can be found online. The amount and detailedness of the online content differs considerably from the Yearbook. That’s why we have given the site a different name: Vademecum Afval & Recycling.


The layout of the Yearbook is similar to previous editions. The book covers the laws and regulations, case law, describes the development of the waste market and presents the most important enterprises. New is that the book aims to give the reader information fast, both in word and image. In addition, the Yearbook gives an overview of Dutch waste and recycling markets, companies, institutions and products, as well as a who-is-who in the waste sector. All developments and data have been updated to early 2016. In the Yearbook is at every paragraph with QR-code to the page on the Vademecum referred, where more detailed information can be found.

Two products

The Waste! Yearbook 2016 and the Vademecum Waste and Recycling do have similarities in structure and content, but are offered as two separate products. This will allow anyone to take the decision himself between print and online.

The language of the Yearbook as well as the Vademecum is dutch.

Directly below, you will see a 'browse book'. It gives a visual impression of the entire book. On the abbreviated table of contents on page 4 and 5 you can click on the headings to quickly go through the book.